Two people in safety vests performing an asphalt paving service.

Why Is Summer The Best Time of Year For Asphalt Paving?

While many people don’t think of summer as a time to get things done, the warm weather and long days make it ideal for various outdoor construction and maintenance projects, including asphalt paving. Paving is essential for any commercial or residential property owner, and getting the job done right can make a significant difference in terms of the durability, appearance, and smoothness of your blacktop. Scheduling your parking lot or driveway paving during the summer can ensure quality. Here’s how:

Warm Weather for Curing 

Once it’s laid and smoothed over, asphalt needs to cure or become fully hardened. Full asphalt curing can sometimes take up to a year, and asphalt that hasn’t fully cured is more vulnerable to wear and tear. If it’s laid in the summer, higher temperatures and longer days will provide more heat exposure for your pavement. This can help it quickly harden and become more resistant to the damage from the elements in the future.    

Preparation for Winter Weather

Snow, ice, sleet, and hail can potentially wreak havoc on your driveway or parking lot paving work. If these surfaces are older or cracked, excess moisture and freezing temperatures can cause water to expand and contract in the cracks of your asphalt. A freshly paved surface is more resistant to the harsh elements, and getting your paving done in the summer should leave enough time for it to fully cure before winter arrives.  


As previously mentioned, days are longer in the summer. More time for your asphalt specialists to work each day results in the job being completed even quicker. This time distinction is especially valuable if you have unique commercial paving needs or want to get multiple surfaces paved.

If you are considering paving a residential or commercial surface, summer is the ideal time to do it! The combination of warmer weather and longer days can make the work last longer, look better, and cost less. To learn more about commercial or residential paving, contact the experts at Stanley Paving today!