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A plant sprouting through a cracked asphalt surface.

What Are the Common Causes of Asphalt Damage?

As the top asphalt paving contractors serving Moorestown and the surrounding communities in NJ, Stanley Paving has a deep understanding of the symptoms, causes, and remedies of damaged asphalt pavement. In fact, we frequently shred or “mill” old, worn asphalt paving into tiny pieces so it can be recycled and reused as “milled” asphalt paving. So, we know exactly what it takes to destroy a seemingly-sturdy road, parking lot, or driveway, and what it takes to put it back together. Stay with us as we review three of the most common causes of damaged asphalt paving in the infographic below, and then continue reading for further detail:

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A Stanley Paving truck with heavy equipment.

Reduce Your Impact on the Environment With Asphalt Milling

In case you don’t already know, asphalt milling is the process of using heavy machinery to remove asphalt from a paved surface and crush it into pieces that resemble tiny rocks or gravel. Asphalt milling produces what we refer to as “milled asphalt.” But did you know that milled asphalt is an environmentally-friendly alternative to unused, or “virgin” asphalt? Let’s take a closer look at the environmental implications of milled asphalt.

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