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Why Commercial Parking Lot and Driveway Repair is Important for Holiday Curb Appeal


Imagine this. You’ve begun shopping for your holiday gifts this year, and you are driving around looking for stores to peruse. You don’t exactly know what you want to get your family and friends, but you’re enjoying the holiday splendor of the shops and commercial stores. It’s exciting, really! However, you come upon an interesting store that piques your interest, so you decide to stop. Upon stopping, you notice the lot outside is in disarray and parking doesn’t look like an easy task.

You ask yourself, “If the outside is in poor repair, what does that say about the inside?”

If the interior of the store ended up being well-maintained and clean, it would actually have you pleasantly surprised, considering what their parking lot or driveway looks like.

If this parking lot didn’t convey to you such a negative impression, maybe you would have stopped. Instead, you decided not to. Really, you’re looking for quality gifts this year, and honestly, dealing with the potholes, cracks, and otherwise disrepair of the lot outside isn’t a choice you’re willing to make right now. You just want to enjoy the experience.

Curb Appeal

Your pavement or asphalt in New Jersey plays a significant role this holiday season. If your property doesn’t look the part, customers will trickle out to more eye-catching places. And, strangely enough, your sealcoat and asphalt in your parking lots play a huge role when drawing in shoppers.

When lines in the pavement are hard to read, cracks are skewing the driveway and there is water standing in potholes, potential customers are likely to have a negative perception of your operations. What does this mean? Because they’ve already encountered disrepair before even entering the store, they may be less willing to trust the quality of the merchandise inside. They may be more demanding of your staff or even more critical of the conditions inside your store.

Every component of your business is important. That includes the asphalt of your parking lot or driveway. This year, use Stanley Paving to get your parking lot maintenance in New Jersey or driveway paving in NJ done right! Your pavement will have a long life-expectancy when it’s completed by professionals and maintained properly. Call today and start increasing your curb appeal!