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pothole filled with water

Patching and Repairing Potholes: What You Need to Know

If there’s one thing we know about New Jersey, it’s that potholes are abundant. However, just because you’re used to avoiding potholes on highways and other roadways doesn’t mean your clients and employees should have to navigate these hazards at your business. Potholes occur when earlier signs of pavement damage have been neglected or ignored. Pavement damage such as cracking, swelling, and patch failures can subject the pavement’s sublayer to further damage — resulting in a pothole. Regular parking lot maintenance can help you stay ahead of your commercial property’s asphalt health and prevent future potholes.

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asphalt crack

Different Types of Asphalt Cracks — and What Should Be Done About Them

Commercial asphalt undoubtedly sees a lot of use. Your residential driveway is probably asphalt, and you likely only have a few cars drive on that in a year, but driveway cracks appear almost as quickly as you can have it repaved. Commercial parking lots, loading zones, roads, and walkways are essential facets of your business. They give your visitors somewhere to park, insight into the direction they need to travel, and provide a smooth surface for vehicles to access your property and services.

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