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5 Signs Your Blacktop Needs Repair

As the leading provider of asphalt sealcoating in Moorestown, NJ, and surrounding areas, we can help you to pinpoint the telltale signs that your blacktop needs repairing. Identifying and fixing a problem early enough can help to save money and reduce the risk of further damage over time. The asphalt that is used on your property will require routine maintenance and repairs to remain safe, usable, and attractive.

To protect your asphalt, look out for the following warning signs:


When underground pipes crack or slip their joints, undermining can occur. When this happens, surface soils can enter a pipe and cause the area to undermine the asphalt above the surface. This situation can be resolved by hiring a contractor to dig down to the problem area and fix it, replacing the damaged base and asphalt at the same time.

Buckling or Warping

Has the asphalt on the surface of your pavement started to appear uneven or wavy? Heavy vehicle usage or compromised bases can cause the pavement to warp over time. This problem can usually be solved by leveling it out with new asphalt. Failing this, both the asphalt and the base may need replacing.

Issues With Drainage

Moisture is one of the most dangerous threats to the health of your pavement areas as it can often seep between layers and disturb binding agents. If there are puddles in your parking lot or driveway, call a contractor and inquire about drainage services. If you leave these problems, you increase the risk of potholes, cracks, and further damage.


Certain chemicals, including industrial solvents and cleaning fluids, can corrode binding agents that are used in asphalt. If you become aware of a chemical spill or notice a stain appearing on your asphalt, call a professional immediately. If unaddressed, these spills will seep deeper into the pavement and cause further damage until they are addressed.


Asphalt pavement often sits above a compacted base or crushed stone. If the base starts to erode, the asphalt can sink. This is especially prevalent when near buildings, or carports. Sinkage is an indication that downspouts are spreading water close to the structure, thus increasing the impact on the pavement below.

Call a professional and have them check your gutters in addition to booking in some asphalt maintenance services if you notice a sinkage problem.

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