Commercial and Industrial Asphalt Paving

If you own a commercial or industrial property in New Jersey or Philadelphia, you most likely have a parking lot or driveway for customers to park in. Your parking lot might seem like something that isn’t very important for the quality of your business; however, parking lot maintenance is a vital part of owning a business that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Imagine that you are looking out of the window of your commercial property. You see a car pull into your parking lot. It’s driving along, when, all of a sudden, it dips into a pothole. You can see the anger on the driver’s face because that pothole could have caused damage to their car. They look out of their window and see other cracks all around the parking lot.

Now, one of two things could happen. They could drive away from your property and leave because of their poor impression, or they could enter your business in a bad mood right when they walk in. Either way, the reaction wouldn’t be good. To avoid this from happening at all, you can call our commercial asphalt contractors in Cherry Hill, NJ, as soon as you need commercial asphalt repair.

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Keeping up with commercial asphalt maintenance is essential for your business. When customers come to your commercial property, your parking lot is the first thing they see. If they see cracks, potholes, or old and worn asphalt, they may be under the impression that you don’t keep up the quality of your property.

To avoid this negative impression, trust a commercial asphalt contractor to conduct commercial asphalt sealcoating , blacktop repair, asphalt paving , parking lot maintenance, and any other parking lot repair service. We are one of the leading commercial asphalt paving companies in Mercer County, NJ because of our dedication to your commercial property and the specific needs of your business and parking lot.

In order to know which type of commercial asphalt repair you need, it is important to know about the asphalt in your Mt. Laurel, NJ commercial parking lot and why it might need commercial asphalt maintenance.

Parking lot asphalt is made from rock, fine stone, gravel, sand, and asphalt cement. These materials can easily deteriorate if they are in contact with snow, rain, and UV sunlight. These weather conditions can cause the asphalt to become brittle and to crack. If water gets into cracks, it can cause the cracks to expand and cause more damage.

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To prevent the cracks from expanding and ruining the overall quality of your commercial parking lot, it is important to get commercial asphalt sealcoating or another parking lot repair service. When you request a service with our commercial asphalt company, we will send a contractor to your business or industrial site to conduct immediate emergency black top repair.

We proudly serve all towns and counties in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas, including:

  • Mercer County, NJ
  • Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Moorestown, NJ
  • Mt Laurel, NJ
  • Lower Bucks County, PA
  • Burlington County, NJ
  • Camden County, NJ
  • Northeast Philadelphia, PA

If your Moorestown, NJ, or Lower Bucks County, PA, business needs a commercial asphalt contractor, trust Stanley, one of the leading commercial companies for any asphalt maintenance or repair. Whether it’s sealcoating or patchwork, our commercial asphalt contractors are committed to making your business’ parking lot beautiful and safe.