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If you live or work in Moorestown, NJ, Philadelphia, or a surrounding area, then you know that the weather can be unpredictable. It’s important to know what to expect when snow, hail, rain, sleet, or any other weather condition is thrown at us.

When the weather gets harsh, so do its effects. When the weather changes drastically or there is an excess amount of precipitation, it can affect the quality of our parking lots and driveways.
If you own a home or business near Camden County, NJ, you have probably seen a crack or two in your parking lot or driveway at some point. These cracks can actually cause substantial damage and eventually require you to remove and replace your lot altogether.

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When water from rain or snow penetrates the base of pavement, it can cause the surface to crack. If you ignore this crack, more water can get inside of it and cause it to expand. If a crack expands enough, it could lead to larger series of cracks and potholes, which results in an expensive driveway or parking lot replacement.

Even though the weather has a mind of its own, don’t let your residential or commercial parking lot or driveway be the same way. If there’s even a small crack, it’s best to catch it before it has the time to expand. This can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

The best solution for fading, erosion, and cracks in pavement is sealcoating. Asphalt sealcoating seals up cracks, coats pavement to avoid oxidation, and leaves driveways and parking lots looking brand new.

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When looking for sealcoating companies, you shouldn’t trust just anyone. Our friendly professionals are committed to making your individual project a priority. Whether your Burlington County, NJ, business’ parking lot has big cracks in it or your driveway at your South Jersey home is completely faded and dry, our sealcoating experts will proudly provide superior service.

When you call our sealcoating professionals, we will quickly perform an on-site evaluation to assess the damage. We will then decide the best solution for you and your driveway or parking lot.

If your driveway or parking lot has not faced too much damage, it is likely that sealcoating is the perfect solution. Asphalt sealcoating provides many benefits that will double the lifespan of your pavement.

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Sealcoating guards your lot against harsh weather, including rain and sunlight. You will no longer have to worry about water getting in between the cracks of your pavement because our driveway sealcoating will completely seal up and cover all of them. It protects against gasoline, rock salt, and other harmful chemicals. Also, if dirt or any other substance gets on a sealcoated surface, rain or a hose can easily wash it away. Sealcoating is also easily applied, non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe for the environment.

Sealcoating provides many benefits for driveways and parking lots regarding safety, the environment, cost, and appearance.

If you’re looking for a superior sealcoating company that will make your needs a priority, call us for professional and friendly service. We serve residential and commercial properties in South Jersey communities including:

  • Burlington County, NJ
  • Camden County, NJ
  • Mercer County, NJ
  • Moorestown, NJ
  • Philadelphia, PA

If your commercial or residential Mercer County, NJ driveway is dried, cracked, or just needs parking lot maintenance , trust our sealcoating experts to provide you with reliable services. We have the equipment, expertise, and confidence to promise you that your driveway or parking lot will be looking good as new for years to come after getting a sealcoating service with us.