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Reduce Your Impact on the Environment With Asphalt Milling

In case you don’t already know, asphalt milling is the process of using heavy machinery to remove asphalt from a paved surface and crush it into pieces that resemble tiny rocks or gravel. Asphalt milling produces what we refer to as “milled asphalt.” But did you know that milled asphalt is an environmentally-friendly alternative to unused, or “virgin” asphalt? Let’s take a closer look at the environmental implications of milled asphalt.

Infographic showing the benefits of asphalt milling

How Is Asphalt Milling Environmentally Friendly?

Milled asphalt is environmentally friendly because it allows us to recycle tons of material that is used to pave roads, driveways, and parking lots — literally, tons of material. Instead of ordering a batch of brand new pavement, which requires natural resources from the earth to produce, you can opt for milled or recycled asphalt and feel good about reducing your environmental impact. Plus, you are likely to save a few bucks, too! But that begs the question — is milled asphalt lower quality than virgin asphalt?

Is Milled Asphalt As Good As Virgin Asphalt?

As far as functionality goes, milled asphalt is just as good as virgin asphalt. However, one major difference between milled asphalt and virgin asphalt is the color. Asphalt that has been milled or recycled won’t be as deep and dark as virgin asphalt — but if your main concern is the performance of the asphalt, not the appearance, there’s little reason to believe that milled asphalt is any lesser than virgin asphalt.

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