freshly-paved blacktop in a parking lot

How to Maintain Your New Sealcoating

It’s no secret that there are numerous benefits to getting professional sealcoating for your parking lot or driveway. Newly-sealed asphalt looks great and can last far longer if it’s properly cared for.  

Of course, any asphalt surface has to face the elements in Bucks County all year round, from summer rainstorms to the harsh snow in winter. No sealcoating is meant to last forever, and the asphalt can be seriously worn down if it’s not well maintained. A fresh looking coat of commercial or residential sealcoating can help improve the value of your home or attract more customers to your business, and practicing the right upkeep can help keep your newly-coated blacktop crack-free and looking pristine for a long time. It may seem like it’s out of your hands, but there are actually several relatively easy things that homeowners can do to care for their sealcoating and the asphalt under it. Here’s what every home or business owner should know about proper sealcoat maintenance: 



infographic depicting sealcoating maintenance tips

Give it Time to Cure 

A newly sealcoated driveway is not ready for immediate use. Although it may seem inconvenient, it’s actually very important to give newly sealed blacktop sufficient time to fully harden, or “cure” before walking or driving on it. The answer to “How long does my seal coat take to cure?” varies depending on the temperature outside. Most paving companies consider summer the optimal time for sealcoating because heat and sunlight help it cure more quickly, and weather that’s too cold can cause curing to fail altogether. As for how long it takes, the general rule is to give sealcoating at least 24 hours to fully cure when the temperature is 60 degrees fahrenheit or above. Curing can take longer when it’s colder and will not occur if the weather drops below 45 degrees in the first two days after it’s laid. 

Keep the Surface Clean

To keep your sealcoat looking its best, we recommend giving it a thorough cleaning every now and then. Two or three times a year, break out the pressure washer and give it a little TLC. This is a terrific way to eliminate grime, dirt, and other debris that can make it look appealing and even cause it to deteriorate over time.

Address Cracks Promptly 

Over time, cracks and other fissures can and will occur. The key to cobatting them is making sure you address them quickly. In fact, it’s critical to repair these cracks when they’re still small to keep them from growing and from new cracks from forming. If they’re left unfilled, rain and moisture can permeate the pavement and begin to erode the base materials. By taking care of cracks promptly and efficiently, we can significantly slow the rate of deterioration and help prevent future issues. 

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