Signs Your Driveway Needs Work

We’ve been providing solutions for driveway paving in Southampton and surrounding areas for four generations. Many driveways across the Philly region are showing signs of wear and tear; this can cause damage to vehicles and devalue the overall property in many cases.

But what are the signs that it’s time to replace or repair your driveway?

Cracks are Appearing

Although cracks can often be overlooked as minor damages, over time, they can expand and multiply rendering a driveway unusable. Winter is the time of year that cracks will start to appear as the ice expands and contracts. By checking for small cracks and having them repaired, home and business owners may avoid the need for full renovations.

Drainage Problems Arise

If a driveway is in excellent condition, drainage should work fine and cause no problems. However, a build-up of rainwater on your driveway is an indication that it may need repairing or replacing. Excess water can make a path slippery and hazardous; it can also be a breeding ground for algae and moss.

There are Potholes

Potholes are a leading cause of damage and injury, especially at night time when conditions are dark. These holes in tarmac or concrete can be fixed when they are smaller, but if they are left to develop into bigger potholes, they can ruin driveways and cause the need for full driveway replacements.


Asphalt and concrete driveways should be resealed every two to three years. This helps to prevent damage from weather conditions and vehicles. Resealing a driveway can help to stop any damage from worsening and can maintain a driveway for many years, avoiding the need for costly repairs and replacements.


Exposure to UV rays from the sun can cause driveways to fade in color and deteriorate aesthetically. Weathered driveways are weaker and more susceptible to cracks and potholes than newer paths. If your driveway is weathered, it’s often more cost effective to replace it instead of forking out for ongoing maintenance.

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