3 Ways to Gain More Customer Trust in 2018

Now that 2018 has arrived, business owners have an entirely new world of opportunities to improve customer relationships, make new community connections and solidify client loyalty.

If improving customer trust is on your list of New Year’s resolutions for your business, we at Stanley Paving, one of the top paving companies in Philadelphia, try incorporating some of these tips into your plan for 2018!

  • Get social. Has your social media presence been lacking lately? Consumers love to see their favorite local businesses using social media because it makes them feel like they can create a personal connection with the brand. It also provides them with a quick and convenient option to ask questions or get information. This year, incorporate social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into your marketing plan, and be sure to interact with your customers online regularly.


  • Give back. Customers love to know that their purchases are helping to do good, and a quick way to give back and help improve customer relationships is to donate a percentage of your profits to a worthy cause. For bonus points, try to choose a local charity that does good in your community. There’s nothing that can build customer trust faster than helping out a cause that everyone in the community knows and loves.


  • Shape up. On the contrary, there’s nothing that can crush customer trust quite as quickly as a physical location that’s less than attractive or safe. Your customers are forming an impression of your business and services far before they set foot in your lobby. Peeling paint or a parking lot that’s full of potholes says that you just don’t care about your customers. Take an honest look at the exterior of your business, and consider how you can better make a great first impression on new customers in 2018.

Is your parking lot crumbling your customer trust and putting clients at risk of a damaged vehicle? Improve customer trust with a beautiful new parking lot from Stanley Paving! Give us a call today at 866-938-6736 for a free estimate on our parking lot paving service in Northeast Philadelphia!