Asphalt Paving Specialists in NJ

When it comes to your property—whether it is commercial or residential—anything that will improve its durability and preservation will make for a worthwhile investment in the long haul. This is why Stanley Paving is dedicated to providing asphalt paving in Moorestown, Bordentown, Cherry Hill, Cinnaminson, Pennington, Moorestown, Forked River, Ocean County and other New Jersey areas.  Being one of the most popular approaches to paving your driveway, parking lot, etc. asphalt paving provides for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing look.

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Here at Stanley Paving, each and every contractor we hire has the experience and necessary training to provide the highest quality of workmanship in a timely fashion, no matter how large or small the project may be.  Asphalt paving is one of the top choices when it comes to paving roadways and driveways in America.  Therefore, when it comes to paving in Cinnaminson, Ocean County, Southampton, Forked River and New Egypt, NJ, asphalt is also known as a recyclable material, thus making it environmentally friendly!

We provide parking lot repair in South Jersey and much more!

Your Asphalt Paving Contractor in New Jersey

You can count on Stanley Paving for all of your paving needs!  Whether you need a paving contractor to work on your residential driveway or resurface your commercial parking lot, our paving contractor will be able to determine which products and services to use after examining the area.  For all of your asphalt paving needs whether in Pennington or Mt. Laurel, the experts at Stanley Paving specialize in every aspect of the paving industry!  We have all the proper equipment necessary to provide long-lasting services that can even help drainage issues or accidents from occurring with uneven surfaces.

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Looking for sealcoating companies in Mercer County, NJ? Consider Stanley Paving!

Along with being a trusted company for black top repair, we also provide sealcoating services for both residential and commercial properties in South Jersey, Northeast Philadelphia, and Bucks County, PA. By applying a liquid coating to the surface of the pavement, a seal coat can preserve the asphalt. This process is beneficial to the customer because it will greatly extend the life of the asphalt paving.

Line Stripping in NJ & PA

When compared with other paving companies, our line stripping results in consistent, sharp lines, starts, and stops. The purpose of line stripping is to direct traffic along the proper route of entrances and exits. Line stripping is also utilized to designate areas such as crosswalks, loading zones, and parking spaces. Our line stripping gives adequate spaces for vehicles, resulting in fewer accidents between vehicles and pedestrians.

With over 57 years of experience in the paving industry, we want our clients to have the greatest experience with no hiccups along the way.  It is important not to hire just any paving contractor in South Jersey; you need to have a contractor that will make sure everything is properly installed to ensure the longevity of the surface.  This is how we separate ourselves from other driveway paving companies in the area!

For those who are unsure or would like more information on out asphalt paving services available in Bordentown, Cherry Hill, Cinnaminson, Mercer County, Moorestown, Pennington, Forked River, New Jersey and additionally Northeast Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, contact Stanley Paving today!