4 Signs That It’s Time To Repair Your Business’s Parking Lot

As a business owner, you work hard to keep your business running smoothly and looking nice, but oftentimes, parking lot maintenance falls to the wayside as more pressing matters arise. As one of the best commercial paving companies serving Northeast Philadelphia, we’ve created this guide to help business owners recognize the signs of a damage parking lot that needs repairs so that your business can make a good impression with your customers.

Standing Water

Do you notice pools of water in your parking lot after it rains? Standing water is a common sign that your parking lot is experiencing drainage issues that should be addressed. A professional paving company may suggest that your parking lot be regraded or resurfaced to correct the problem. The experts at Stanley Paving will assess your lot to recommend the best course of action to get your parking lot back in tip-top shape.


If you notice wide cracks forming in your asphalt, then it is definitely time for you to contact a repair service. The formation of cracks in your parking lot can weaken the foundation of your lot as water seeps into the crack causing major damage. If left unchecked, these cracks can lead to you having to replace your entire parking lot.


Potholes are one of the most visible signs that your parking lot needs to be repaired. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to have your lot repaired instead of having to pay for a full replacement. If you notice weak spots in your parking lot, you should contact a professional paving company as soon as possible so that the pothole doesn’t damage your customers’ cars.


When you look at your parking lot, does it appear to be level and smooth, or do you notice that it is wavy in certain areas? The warping of a parking lot can be due to a compromised foundation, heavy vehicle use or a combination of the two. In most cases, your lot can be repaired by releveling its surface, but sometimes, the only way to fix the issue is to have both the foundation and asphalt replaced.

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