Winter is Coming: 5 Reasons Why you Should Prepare Your Commercial Pavement with a Sealcoat

Many do not worry about their asphalt until it is too late and already in need of repair. It makes sense–who contemplates the state of their parking lot on a day-to-day basis? Hardly anyone would have the time to spend their thoughts on the blacktop instead of in the office or on the field. Even so, perhaps now is the time to take a few preemptive steps to ensure that your pavement is covered for the coming winter. When the parking lot or street outside of your business is sleek and glistening, you will be filled with a sense of relief, knowing that there is one less thing that can go wrong in the coming holiday seasons.

To fully grasp the importance of sealcoating with a paving company in New Jersey, you first should understand your asphalt:

  • Asphalt pavement is made out of: rock, fine stone, sand, gravel, and asphalt cement.
  • When harmful weather, like rain, sun, and snow come in contact with asphalt, the pavement starts to deteriorate. It becomes brittle and slowly fades, especially with heavy loads.
  • Asphalt is petroleum-based, therefore making it susceptible to other petroleum-based products, such as oil, gasoline, transmission or brake fluid. These fluids dissolve into the asphalt, causing it to break up and weaken.

We recommend to protect your pavement from these threats by sealcoating every two to three years with paving companies in Philadelphia. And Fall is the best time to do it! When sealcoating, outdoor temperatures should be above 50 degrees fahrenheit with a period of 24 hours and no heavy rain. By acting now, you can shield your asphalt from the harmful effects of winter weather and much more:

  1. Extend your Pavement’s Life
    A sealcoat is just as its name suggests; it is a protective shell that deflects most harmful elements. With a sealcoat, the asphalt underneath will last much longer than if it were exposed.
  1. Prevent Repair Costs
    If your asphalt is, in fact, exposed to weather and petroleum products, eventually damage will be caused, forming cracks and potholes. Repairing damages can rack up a high cost, and if the damages are not contained, it may entail a whole new parking lot, street, or driveway.
  1. Protect Against the Thaw Cycle (Water – Freezing)
    Water damage is the most trying feat to any outdoor surface. Especially in the winter, water can seep into smaller cracks and freeze, expanding them. This ultimately makes cracks larger and larger as the water thaws and freezes again and again. What sealcoating does, is it seals in the small cracks, keeping the water out.
  1. Block the Drying Effects of the Sun
    UV Sunlight is also dangerous for your pavement; it is a threat all year round. Just as it is recommended to wear sunscreen even in winter, it is also important to protect against the sun by sealcoating.
  1. Keep your Pavement Looking New
    Your sealcoat goes on in a dark, black color, boosting the appearance of your asphalt and leaving it with a smooth, long-lasting surface. Its non-porous layer allows rain to easily wash dirt and debris right off. When your parking lot or street is clean, so is your business’ appearance.

Call Stanley Paving today and get started on protecting your pavement from the coming winter!