Why You Need to Book Your 2019 Paving Jobs Now


Why Wait for Conditions to Worsen:

Is Your Driveway an Eyesore?

Here’s some bad news: If your driveway is damaged, it’s not going to fix itself or improve over time. In fact, the likelihood is that its condition will worsen as time moves forward. Luckily, Stanley Paving offer solutions as one of the best driveway paving companies in Burlington County, NJ.

Below are some reasons for Greater Philadelphia residents to fix their driveways ASAP:


It’s a Tax Deductible Repair:

That’s right, if your driveway needs fixing, you can claim the cash back on your tax return as its a repair to the property that you own. This means that there is no reason to wait and struggle with inadequate, and sometimes dangerous paving situations. By eliminating the problem today, you can live in a cleaner, safer environment tomorrow.


It Can Increase the Overall Value of Your Property:

The driveway paving process goes through three rigorous steps: base preparation, intermediate layering, and final coating. This is to ensure that it sits level, looks good and retains excellent quality over time. After completion, your entire property will look completely different, increasing its market value considerably. Even an investment of $1,000 can indirectly return 300 to 400% profit when reselling a property.


Paved Driveways are Easy to Maintain:

A driveway that lacks paving, or has damaged paving will develop patches and holes over time. This results in soaring maintenance costs and can make the premises dirty as vehicles come and go. A paved driveway helps to keep your building neat and clean due to its dust resistance. They can also save bags of cash in the long run.


Paving Can Improve the Health of Your Garden:

In colder regions, many driveways are made of asphalt. Black asphalt has characteristics of high heat absorption and radiation. This means that it can melt snow deposits quickly and is usable in extreme weather conditions. Concrete driveways are more beneficial in hot and humid areas. Hydration is a never-ending process, with concrete actually strengthening when exposed to moisture. In dry regions, concrete can actually benefit your front garden by retaining moisture. It obstructs the growth of weeds, leaving homeowners with smooth, elegant pathways.

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