People sealcoating a parking lot.

Myths About Commercial Sealcoating Debunked

Is your asphalt parking lot full of holes, cracks, or other unsightly and dangerous spots that pose harm to employees and customers, drive away potential visitors, and make navigating a pain? Contrary to what many people believe, asphalt is not a set-and-forget material. Water penetration, vehicle traffic, and weather conditions affect asphalt surfaces, so parking lots require regular asphalt maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. 

One of the best things you can do for your parking lot is to schedule regular sealcoating. However, many people neglect this task because of common myths surrounding commercial sealcoating. Read on to learn why these myths are bogus — and why commercial sealcoating might be what you need to bring your parking lot back to life.

Myth: Commercial Sealcoating Isn’t Important

The first myth of commercial sealcoating is that your asphalt parking lot will be fine without it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Even if you live in the warmest place on earth, rain still falls, and cars still drive over your pavement, causing damage over time. However, it’s much more likely that you don’t live somewhere quite so warm, meaning that you have to worry about snow and ice. These elements — and the rock salt used to combat them — are some of the most dangerous threats to your parking lot. Especially since we apply much of our parking lot sealcoat in NJ, we know the dangers of winter weather. Skipping commercial sealcoating might mean you have to re-pave your entire parking lot in just a few years. It isn’t worth it.

Myth: Sealcoating Materials Are Dangerous

Over the past few years, concerns have been raised about potential exposure to toxic chemicals in sealcoat materials. We wholeheartedly understand that people want to be safe, and we want to keep our technicians safe as well. However, it is a myth that commercial sealcoating exposes anyone, including our installation professionals, to chemicals any more toxic than your average construction materials. To protect themselves against any inhalation hazards while the asphalt is drying, our professionals always wear the proper personal protective equipment and take the appropriate steps to protect themselves. If the process is done correctly, commercial sealcoating is a safe and smart way to protect your asphalt parking lot and poses no more harm than having an asphalt parking lot in the first place.

Myth: Sealcoating Is a Repair Procedure

While applying sealcoating can help fill cracks and holes in your parking lot, the process being labeled a “repair procedure” is another commercial sealcoating myth. In fact, sealcoating is an essential maintenance procedure and needs to be done every 2-3 years to keep your parking lot in optimal condition. If you spot any potholes or cracks, don’t wait until your next sealcoating session, either. Make sure to schedule asphalt repairs ASAP. 

Myth: You Need to Close Your Business for Days

A myth of commercial sealcoating many people still believe is that they will have to shut down their business’s parking lot and thus reduce their sales or traffic for several days or even weeks. It makes sense in theory. You can’t drive your car over fresh asphalt, so it makes sense that commercial sealcoating might involve shutting down your parking lot. However, the amount of time you’ll need to rope off your parking lot is likely a lot less than you think! When performed in the warm months of spring or summer, sealcoating only takes 3-4 hours to dry and becomes safe to walk on. Within 24 hours, it is usually safe to drive on as well. This means that you can get it done on a weekend or low-traffic day and get back to business ASAP.

Myth: All Sealcoating Materials Are the Same

Sealcoating is not a procedure done with just one or even several specific materials. Sealcoating materials vary in composition, cost, quality, and durability and must be inspected to be deemed usable for asphalt coating. You should make sure you choose an installation team that knows their stuff about sealcoating materials.

Myth: Sealcoating Can Be Done Yourself

Perhaps the most dangerous commercial sealcoating myth is that your average business owner or property manager can sealcoat their own parking lot. Here are just a few reasons why DIY sealcoating is both dangerous and impractical:

  • Sealcoating effectively is almost impossible without the proper industrial equipment.
  • Exposure to freshly poured sealcoating without the appropriate PPE is an inhalation hazard for the untrained repair person.
  • The process will take longer than hiring a professional commercial sealcoating team.
  • Most businesses’ parking lots are too large for a DIY sealcoating project to be feasible.
  • Most DIY pavers will spend more on fixing mistakes than on what they think they’ve saved on professional sealcoating.
  • Sealcoating products used by professionals are often proprietary and unavailable on the consumer market.

Myth: Commercial Sealcoating Is Expensive

The final commercial sealcoating myth we’d like to put to rest is that commercial sealcoating is expensive or unaffordable. It doesn’t have to be! Of course, every situation is different based on the size of your parking lot and the company you hire, but when you partner with a reputable commercial sealcoating professional, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is. You can keep your parking lot looking like new for a very reasonable price!

Are you guilty of parking lot neglect? We can make it right. Rely on Stanley Paving for commercial sealcoating and asphalt paving in Burlington County, NJ, and nearby communities. We want to keep your commercial property pristine for years to come. Contact us today!