6 Ways to Prepare for Potholes


Snow, hot cocoa, fireplaces, and potholes. One of these things is not like the other.

While all of these things relate to the winter season, one of them is much less desirable than the rest: and that’s potholes. And when the snow, hot beverages, and fireplaces wave goodbye as spring approaches, potholes are here to stay.

While potholes aren’t anyone’s favorite part of the season, they’re going to form no matter what. And they frequently form in neighborhoods and traffic-heavy streets.

Potholes can mess with your car and your safety until they are filled, and sometimes we have to wait for them to be fixed. But if you take proper precautions, you can avoid them or prevent them from damaging your car as much as possible.

  1. Slow down. If you’re driving too quickly when you hit a pothole, the damage is likely to be greater.
  2. Give some space between your car and others to prevent crashes.
  3. Prepare for puddles. Water can form puddles inside of potholes. So if it just rained, get ready for a splash of water to hit your car if you hit a pothole.
  4. Keep your tires full. For precautionary measures, keep your tires filled so they don’t deflate if you hit a pothole.
  5. Hold tight onto your steering wheel so your car doesn’t go off course.
  6. Take matters into your own hands. Unlike if they form in your street, you can control potholes if they form in your Pennington business’ parking lot. And you can do that by calling an asphalt contractor as soon as you notice them. Because if you let them go, they may expand in size.


The bigger the pothole, the more dangerous, harmful to a car, and unattractive they are. To keep your employees and customers happy and safe, you can take action by calling Stanley Paving for blacktop repair. In your neighborhood, there’s nothing to do but be careful around potholes. But in your company’s parking lot, you can get rid of them for good. Our Philadelphia paving contractor can fill the holes and offer paving and sealcoating services to try to prevent them in the future.

Stay safe and secure this pothole season with help from Stanley Paving. Contact us today for blacktop repair, asphalt paving, snow plowing, and other services for your commercial property.