5 Parking Lot Safety Tips for Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, you probably don’t think about your parking lot very often. However, your lot may currently have damage leftover from the winter season that can cause an accident or an injury that you may be held responsible for. Use these tips to help maintain a safer parking lot for everyone.

  • Inspect your parking lot regularly. It’s easy for business owners to overlook parking lot damage — after all, who spends their time staring at the ground when there’s so much to do? However, this makes parking lot damage harder to find, allowing small problems to become big problems seemingly overnight. Take a walk around your parking lot after hours once a week and call your local paving contractors in Mercer County if you notice any damage.
  • Clear carts and trash from your lot every day. Carts, trash, and other obstructions can cause accidents and injuries. Choose an employee to be on “parking lot duty” who regularly cleans up the parking lot throughout the day.
  • Install and maintain parking lot lighting. Parking lots with poor lighting are a hotbed for accidents and injuries. Install parking lot lighting to help customers and employees get to their vehicles safely.
  • Encourage employees to tell you about parking lot issues. Your employees are a vital asset to the overall health of your business. Encourage employees to tell you about any parking lot damage that they notice and remember to thank anyone who comes forward for helping keep everyone safer.
  • Pressure wash your parking lot once a month. Keeping your parking lot clean will help you spot holes and weak areas of pavement faster, reducing the risk that someone is injured on your lot. Power wash your parking lot once a month to keep it looking great — and to keep visitors safer.

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